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Our Medical Weight Loss Program


About Our Weight Loss Program

Are you concerned about your weight? Are you interested in a program that will help you reach your weight loss goals? Do you have chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure? Now is the perfect time to call Howard University Hospital’s Center for Wellness and Weight Loss Surgery (HUCWWLS) for an individualized, evidence-based, medically supervised, wellness and weight loss program.

What To Expect At HUCWWLS

Here's what patients can expect from HUCWWLS:

  • A comprehensive physical exam

  • An individualized program catered to your unique needs and circumstances

  • Wellness Programs for behavioral health and lifestyle changes

  • Blood work to check for vitamin and protein deficiencies

  • Well balanced, high protein, complex carbs and healthy fats meal plans

  • Healthy vitamin supplements and protein shakes when applicable

  • B12 shots when applicable

  • FDA-approved medications when applicable

  • Smartphone compatible free digital apps for nutrition and fitness program monitoring

  • Access to purchase discounted products from top-notch bariatric Websites

  • Access to bricks and mortar or online fitness programs

Get Started Today

Speak To A Specialist About Your Weight Loss Goals

You are one step closer to realizing your weight loss goals and getting a new outlook on life. Our expert doctors and medical weight loss specialists are here to address your bariatric healthcare needs and provide you with guidance on your weight loss journey.

HUCWWLS offers specialized plans for a patient's specific weight loss needs based on their individual health status. Get started today by contacting our certified health coach and medical weight loss program director, Evelyn Dakwa. She is ready to speak with you at your earliest convenience. Call 202-865-1286 to schedule an appointment.


"Shout out to Dr. Paul and the great medical team at the Howard University Center for Wellness and Weight Loss Surgery. I recently had a Tummy Tuck procedure and now I feel much more confident about my overall appear

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